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A remote one-hour private consultation with Enotrias Founder, Melissa L. Smith.

  • $249.00

No matter what stage you are in on your wine collecting journey...

a one-on-one consultation can help you determine your goals, plan for the future, and get the most out of your collection.

So much to consider...

Whether you are just getting started, have been collecting for a long time, or somewhere in between, a one-on-one consultation may bring you the clarity that you need.

In the time between scheduling our meeting, and when we will meet online, take time to consider your goals in wine collecting, be them monetary, personal enjoyment, travel, etc. If at all possible, have your inventory ready for us to go over together during the meeting. Have budgets in mind, as well as any limitations.


  • What should I have ready before our meeting?

    Expectations, goals, budget, limitations, and if at all possible an inventory of your collection.

  • Are you available to meet in-person?

    Unfortunately not for a consultation. Travel time, costs, and a retainer for dedicated time must be met in order to arrange for any in-person services. This virtual meeting allows me to meet with you no matter where in the world you are, for a minimum investment.

  • What if I need more than an hour?

    You can always schedule a follow up consultation.

  • Can I schedule less than an hour?

    No. These consultations are precisely mapped out, so you will be limited to the time that you select when scheduling the meeting. If you are late, or we finish early, the hour that was reserved is to be respected. Be prepared to begin and end on time.


Melissa L. Smith

Head Sommelier and Founder

Forbes and Robb Report recognized sommelier, and the founder of Enotrias Elite Sommelier Services. Melissa has been organizing, inventorying, appraising, and managing the wine collections of celebrities and industry giants for over a decade. Logging countless hours in the wine cellars of hundreds of clients, she has created the country's only continuing education course on wine collecting, developed proprietary software to efficiently inventory and appraise collections, and continues to educate wine enthusiasts through in-person and virtual seminars.